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Color Profiles, the DPPX, DPI and DPCM units and CSS Variables

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A total of 1,814 commits landed in the projects last week, 625 for WebKit and 1,189 for Chromium.

Web Inspector switched to using Chas Emerick’s jsdifflib for creating diffs between revisions. A dock-to-right icon has been added to the status bar, the settings screen has been rearranged and the list of local modifications may now be cleared. Furthermore, removing a result in the Profiles Panel can now be done through a context menu, and JavaScriptCore now supports breaking from native callbacks.

Following Chromium for Mac, Tony made sure that the Windows and Linux versions now also support color profiles in images, by utilizing ICCJPEG and QCMS libraries.

Animations and transitions may now be applied to :first-element pseudo-elements. The accept attribute of input elements now accepts file extensions and accuracy of state tracking in radio button groups has been improved. David Barr is making good progress on implementing CSS’ image-resolution property, also adding support for the dppx, dpi and dpcm units.

The Blob.slice method has lost its prefix. The document.documentURI property is now read-only, the overset property of Named Flows will return true when no region chain has been attached and the Pointer Lock implementation was updated with the pointerLockElement property, and the requestPointerLock and exitPointerLock methods.

Luke landed the initial implementation of CSS Variables in WebKit. While it’s disabled by default and not enabled on any platform yet, it’s very exciting that work is on its way.

Other changes which occurred last week:

There will only be a brief update next week, while there won’t be any at all the week after.

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Image resolution, error’d exceptions and querySelector performance

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728 WebKit commits and 924 Chromium commits add up to a total of 1,652 changes made during last week.

Parsing for the box-decoration-break CSS property landed, with the rendering part still pending. Form controls in disabled fieldsets won’t be checked for validity anymore, and fieldsets themselves now feature the elements accessor. Input elements with a :first-letter style are editable again, the &AElig named entity will now be rendered as expected and the :enabled pseudo-class now applies to option elements too.

Implementation of CSS Images Level 3’s image-resolution property has started, just like bits of the CSS4 Media Queries specification, with the implementation of the “hover” and “pointer” queries for Chromium. Various names used in the Flexible Box Module implementation have been renamed to the names now listed by the updated specification. Dave Hyatt is continuing work on re-implementing Multiple Columns to be based on Regions.

Exceptions now have Error.prototype on their prototype chain. The reserved 1005, 1006 and 1015 closing status codes for Web Sockets will now be handled as broken. Content Security Policy messages to the console will now include a line number for ports using JavaScriptCore, the “overflow” property of NamedFlows has been renamed to “overset”.

The “files” attribute for input elements is now writable and IndexedDB requests and transactions now support the error property. Usage of window.blur() is now disallowed altogether, while window.focus() may only be invoked from the context that created the window.

Other changes which occurred last week:

  • Kentaro Hara improved performance of querySelector() by about eight times!
  • Web Inspector’s Settings screen now features multiple tabs to more clearly support all available settings.
  • Attribute getters returning empty strings has been made 66% faster.
  • The need for a second layout for certain Flexible Box features has been optimized out.
  • The EFL port has enabled support for -webkit-image-set().
  • A new gesture was added for Chromium: two finger-tap to trigger the context menu.
  • WebGL has been enabled by the Qt port when using the WebKit 2 API.
  • The extension overview page in Chromium now shows a warning when a private key is included.
  • Legacy viewport feature such as MobileOptimized and HandheldFriendly are now supported.
  • An Extension API has been added to Chromium for access to Serial ports, now implemented on Windows.
  • Following a Mac OS X Lion update, Chromium will now allow proceeding with <1024bit certificates again.
  • Only twenty static initializers are remaining in Chromium Mac builds!


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Seamless iframes, Private Names and the new Sources Panel

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Last week brought 981 commits for Chromium, and 931 for WebKit, totaling up at 1,912 changes. Highlights include a new Sources Panel for Web Inspector, seamless iframes for Chromium and sub-pixel layout for Chromium.

Web Inspector’s Sources Panel, which intends to combine features from the Resources and Scripts panel such as revision historyis no longer experimental. The Go to Source shortcut is now accessible from all panels, drag and drop from the Navigator Panel has been added and preparations are being made to visualize layer compositing performance on the Timeline Panel.

With the layout code landed, most of the functionality seamless iframes deliver has been implemented. The new negative flexing algorithm for the Flexible Box Module has been implemented, and automated margins on flexboxes will now allocated space in the flex and cross directions. The color CSS Property may now be used on regions. Chromium has enabled support for sub-pixel layout in WebKit.

JavaScriptCore has started to implement ECMAScript 6’s Private Names feature, initially be allowing property maps to contain keys that aren’t identifiers. The interface code for DOM4’s DOMError landed, key paths in IndexedDB may now be arrays and a page’s scrollWidth() and scrollHeight() are now page scale invariant.

Other changes which occurred last week:

  • A setting has been added for disabling synchronous XMLHTTPRequest requests.
  • John committed compile and runtime flags for Font Boosting, Chrome for Android’s text inflation algorithm.
  • A setting has been added to make fixed positioning create a new layer stacking context.
  • WebKit’s backface-visibility tests have been updated per the HTML5 specification.
  • Carlos Garcia Campos is now a WebKit Reviewer, congratulations!
  • Grammar checking has been enabled for Chromium upon pasting text in any editable field.
  • Dictionaries for Afrikaans and Faroese have been added for spellchecking in Chromium.
  • Chromium OS now features an high contrast mode, available through the Accessibility settings page.
  • Touch-screen pinch zooming may now be enabled through about:flags.
  • An implementation of the Connection Status API has been added to Chromium.

And that’s it again for last week. This week we may see a tabbed settings dialog for Web Inspector!

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Decreased input padding, 8-bit canvas and getUserMedia()

Published on in Google Chrome, Last Week, tech, WebKit. Version: Chrome 21

Last week brought 1,819 commits, 999 for Chromium and 820 for WebKit. Highlights include changes to the padding of <input> elements and getUserMedia() being available by default in Chromium.

The debugger sidebar for Web Inspector’s Script Panel can now be toggled using a button. Console messages about Content Security Policy violations now name the directive and support for saving snippets has been implemented.

Using the latest CSS Flexible Box module now requires you to define an element’s display property as “-webkit-flex” as opposed to the previous “-webkit-flexbox”. Input elements are now two pixels smaller in width, as one pixel of unnecessary padding has been removed from either side.

Image smoothing for the <canvas> element may now be disabled. Loading video files served through scripts without a supplied mime-type will now work, and two issues with CSS 2.1 support have been fixed, namely text baselines in the first row of a table and wrapping stand-alone table columns in anonymous tables.

A compile-time flag has been introduced for toggling support for CSS Variables in WebKit ports. Furthermore, an initial test-suite to test the status of the implementation has landed as well.

Other changes which occurred last week:

For those of you interested in security, information about Pinkie Pie’s Pwnium exploit has been published — a very good read! Finally, a hat tip to 00 :-].

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Tab Sizing, String Values for IndexedDB and Chrome 21

Published on in Google Chrome, Last Week, tech, WebKit. Version: Chrome 21

1,693 changes landed last week, 650 in WebKit’s repositories and 1,043 in Chromium’s. Highlights include Chromium 21, support for the tab-size property and strings instead of constants for IndexedDB.

Web Inspector’s search box supports CSS selectors again, JavaScriptCore timers will now show up on the timeline and a context menu has been added for tabs.

Text decorations, such as underlines, will now be rendered for text in :first-line selectors. Implementation of the :first-letter selector was aligned with the specification. Eric landed stylesheet inheritance support for seamless iframes, as well as the ability to inherit styles from their parent iframe.  The RadioNodeList interface is now supported, background-size is now part of the “background” shorthand and, albeit disabled, the <intent> element landed.

IndexedDB now uses strings instead of numeric constants. Violation reports generated by Content Security Policy now also include the referer, original policy and the URL which got blocked. The File System API is now able to deal with cross-file system operations, widths and heights are now exposed for <input type=image> images, and the offsetLeft property was broken when used together with CSS Columns.

WebKit has also gained support for the tab-size CSS property. This property, which is also supported by Firefox and Opera, allows you to define the number of spaces a tab should be equal to.

Included among other minor updates on the WebKit website, the conditions under which the WebKit trademark can be used are now available on the Mac OS Forge website.

Other changes which occurred last week:

An exciting thing to keep an eye out for in the upcoming weeks is Luke’s work on bringing CSS Variables to WebKit, the announcement for which has already been made!

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