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Animatable pseudo-elements, seamless iframe fixes and Happy 2013!

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Happy New Year! This update briefly talks about the 613 changes which landed in Chromium and WebKit last week, as many people were still on holiday.

After refactoring work for moving the ::before and ::after pseudo-elements in to the DOM, Eliott enabled support for CSS animations and transitions on these pseudo-elements. When using a keyword as the timing function for a transition WebKit will no longer return a cubic bezier and re-layouts for Flexible Box elements when using overflow, paddings and absolute positioning has been fixed.

Mike made sure that bodies of seamless iframes default to having no margin and that seamless iframes with content specified through the @srcdoc attribute will now inherit styles. Furthermore, the prefixed webkitPostMessage has been removed from all WebKit ports in favor of the unprefixed version.

Other notable changes include:

Surely there’ll be more interesting updates next week again :).

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