Seamless iframes, Private Names and the new Sources Panel

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Last week brought 981 commits for Chromium, and 931 for WebKit, totaling up at 1,912 changes. Highlights include a new Sources Panel for Web Inspector, seamless iframes for Chromium and sub-pixel layout for Chromium.

Web Inspector’s Sources Panel, which intends to combine features from the Resources and Scripts panel such as revision historyis no longer experimental. The Go to Source shortcut is now accessible from all panels, drag and drop from the Navigator Panel has been added and preparations are being made to visualize layer compositing performance on the Timeline Panel.

With the layout code landed, most of the functionality seamless iframes deliver has been implemented. The new negative flexing algorithm for the Flexible Box Module has been implemented, and automated margins on flexboxes will now allocated space in the flex and cross directions. The color CSS Property may now be used on regions. Chromium has enabled support for sub-pixel layout in WebKit.

JavaScriptCore has started to implement ECMAScript 6’s Private Names feature, initially be allowing property maps to contain keys that aren’t identifiers. The interface code for DOM4’s DOMError landed, key paths in IndexedDB may now be arrays and a page’s scrollWidth() and scrollHeight() are now page scale invariant.

Other changes which occurred last week:

  • A setting has been added for disabling synchronous XMLHTTPRequest requests.
  • John committed compile and runtime flags for Font Boosting, Chrome for Android’s text inflation algorithm.
  • A setting has been added to make fixed positioning create a new layer stacking context.
  • WebKit’s backface-visibility tests have been updated per the HTML5 specification.
  • Carlos Garcia Campos is now a WebKit Reviewer, congratulations!
  • Grammar checking has been enabled for Chromium upon pasting text in any editable field.
  • Dictionaries for Afrikaans and Faroese have been added for spellchecking in Chromium.
  • Chromium OS now features an high contrast mode, available through the Accessibility settings page.
  • Touch-screen pinch zooming may now be enabled through about:flags.
  • An implementation of the Connection Status API has been added to Chromium.

And that’s it again for last week. This week we may see a tabbed settings dialog for Web Inspector!

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Salman Abbas

May 29, 2012 at 2:48 am

wow private names have a weird syntax :-/


May 29, 2012 at 8:46 am

Is the subpixel layout is only for Mac/Linux Chromium right now, with other platforms to follow?