Image resolution, error’d exceptions and querySelector performance

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728 WebKit commits and 924 Chromium commits add up to a total of 1,652 changes made during last week.

Parsing for the box-decoration-break CSS property landed, with the rendering part still pending. Form controls in disabled fieldsets won’t be checked for validity anymore, and fieldsets themselves now feature the elements accessor. Input elements with a :first-letter style are editable again, the &AElig named entity will now be rendered as expected and the :enabled pseudo-class now applies to option elements too.

Implementation of CSS Images Level 3’s image-resolution property has started, just like bits of the CSS4 Media Queries specification, with the implementation of the “hover” and “pointer” queries for Chromium. Various names used in the Flexible Box Module implementation have been renamed to the names now listed by the updated specification. Dave Hyatt is continuing work on re-implementing Multiple Columns to be based on Regions.

Exceptions now have Error.prototype on their prototype chain. The reserved 1005, 1006 and 1015 closing status codes for Web Sockets will now be handled as broken. Content Security Policy messages to the console will now include a line number for ports using JavaScriptCore, the “overflow” property of NamedFlows has been renamed to “overset”.

The “files” attribute for input elements is now writable and IndexedDB requests and transactions now support the error property. Usage of window.blur() is now disallowed altogether, while window.focus() may only be invoked from the context that created the window.

Other changes which occurred last week:

  • Kentaro Hara improved performance of querySelector() by about eight times!
  • Web Inspector’s Settings screen now features multiple tabs to more clearly support all available settings.
  • Attribute getters returning empty strings has been made 66% faster.
  • The need for a second layout for certain Flexible Box features has been optimized out.
  • The EFL port has enabled support for -webkit-image-set().
  • A new gesture was added for Chromium: two finger-tap to trigger the context menu.
  • WebGL has been enabled by the Qt port when using the WebKit 2 API.
  • The extension overview page in Chromium now shows a warning when a private key is included.
  • Legacy viewport feature such as MobileOptimized and HandheldFriendly are now supported.
  • An Extension API has been added to Chromium for access to Serial ports, now implemented on Windows.
  • Following a Mac OS X Lion update, Chromium will now allow proceeding with <1024bit certificates again.
  • Only twenty static initializers are remaining in Chromium Mac builds!


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