Decreased input padding, 8-bit canvas and getUserMedia()

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Last week brought 1,819 commits, 999 for Chromium and 820 for WebKit. Highlights include changes to the padding of <input> elements and getUserMedia() being available by default in Chromium.

The debugger sidebar for Web Inspector’s Script Panel can now be toggled using a button. Console messages about Content Security Policy violations now name the directive and support for saving snippets has been implemented.

Using the latest CSS Flexible Box module now requires you to define an element’s display property as “-webkit-flex” as opposed to the previous “-webkit-flexbox”. Input elements are now two pixels smaller in width, as one pixel of unnecessary padding has been removed from either side.

Image smoothing for the <canvas> element may now be disabled. Loading video files served through scripts without a supplied mime-type will now work, and two issues with CSS 2.1 support have been fixed, namely text baselines in the first row of a table and wrapping stand-alone table columns in anonymous tables.

A compile-time flag has been introduced for toggling support for CSS Variables in WebKit ports. Furthermore, an initial test-suite to test the status of the implementation has landed as well.

Other changes which occurred last week:

For those of you interested in security, information about Pinkie Pie’s Pwnium exploit has been published — a very good read! Finally, a hat tip to 00 :-].

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