Web Animations Engine, Promises and Datalist Support for Android

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Last week yielded 1,433 commits to the Blink, Chromium, v8 and Skia repositories. This article discusses them up to Chromium r238071.

CSS Animations and Transitions will now be driven by the new animations engine which will also power Web Animations. While Web Animations themselves are not enabled by default yet, this has already brought improved behavior and various bug fixes to Blink.

Keishi has brought <datalist> support to Android for most input types, which will be available starting Chrome 33. Meanwhile Fredrik has been fixing a broad range of issues in Blink’s WebVTT implementation, and Brendan added the “change” and “removetrack” events to TextTrackList and added support for TextTrack.id and TTL.getTrackById().

The base value of the “step” attribute of input elements will now be derived as specified in the HTML specification. Sandboxed iFrames can’t set document.domain anymore and the “overflowchanged” event will now be fired at the same time as requestAnimationFrame will fire. Finally, the first and last characters of a content-editable <div> element with display: table can now be removed.

Other changes which occurred last week:

  • Usage of all deprecated v8 APIs has been removed from Chromium and Blink.
  • Support for Promises has been implemented in v8!
  • Experimental support for sub-pixel font scaling has been added to Blink.
  • HTML Entities will now be highlighted in the Developer Tools’ DOM view.
  • Support for Custom Elements, parts of Web Components, will be available in Chrome Stable.
  • Chromium has been updated to use the Opus 1.1 beta-version.
  • v8 now implements Math.ceil() via the highly optimized Math.floor() implementation.
  • A command line flag has been added for running Chrome’s PDF plugin out-of-process.
  • The Chrome-powered Android WebView may soon be able to use WideVine-based encrypted content.

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