Faster Web Font Downloads, Disableable Font Kerning and Easy Hosted Apps

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The Blink, Chromium, v8 and Skia repositories saw 2,019 changes last week, made by a total of 419 authors. This update discusses them up to revision r237097.

Execution of failed <script crossorigin> references will now be blocked. The second argument to CSSStyleSheet.insertRule() has been made optional again because of compatibility issues. Sigbjørn fixed the event sequencing for XMLHttpRequest to be compliant with the specification, and Mike has been improving all the exception messages in Blink!

Web Fonts downloads will now be initiated immediately after style recalculation, rather than queuing it during layout, often reducing download latency by more than 100ms. The -webkit-font-kerning property has been fixed by Eli to actually work. The isolation: isolate CSS property, part of CSS Blending and Compositing, has been implemented for Blink in software mode.

Other changes made last week include:

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