Remoting for Android, WeakSets, Numeric Literals and less apple-touch-icon.png requests

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Last week yielded 1,880 revisions created by 453 authors, spread over the Chromium, Blink, Skia and v8 repositories. This post discusses them, up to revision 212993.

After introducing the very first beginnings of an Android application for Remoting, Solomon also made it possible to view, pan and zoom around whilst viewing a desktop’s screen on an Android device. Even though basic input support is still under review, this seems to be gearing up towards becoming a very interesting project.

Erik introduced two new ECMAScript 6 features in v8 last week: the WeakSet object, which holds weak references to the objects within the set, and support for binary and octal literals such as 0b10101 and 0o567.

The atob() and btoa() methods are now being exposed to Web Workers and their argument isn’t optional anymore. The onerror callback in for workers will now receive the column at which it occurred as a parameter, a partial implementation of the CSSOM part of CSS Variables landed and basic support for SHA-1 is now available as part of the new Web Crypto implementation.

The text-decoration-{color, style, text} CSS properties will now be supported within ::cue rules for media subtitles. “extend-to-zoom” became a supported viewport descriptor, CSS @keyframes rules can now be scoped and SVG animations will be paused when the document gets detached.

Other changes which occurred last week:

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