Last Week in Blink: Promises, ALPN support and font mime-types

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A wild Last Week post appears! That’s been a while. This post describes the 1,326 commits which landed in the Chromium, Blink and v8 repositories during the 4th of July US holiday week, until Chromium r210375.

Chrome DevTools windows won’t disappear anymore when an interstitial page is being displayed, for example warnings about self-signed certificates for developer environments. Six more mime-types will now be recognized as valid font mime-types, decreasing the number console warnings for invalid mime-types used for fonts. Development on CodeMirror as a code editor continues, adding syntax highlighting for six more languages.

Raphael is working on re-implementing the “capture” attribute as a boolean, matching the specification. Textual input and textarea elements now recognize the “inputmode” attribute, indicating what kind of characters the field is expecting (for example, alphabet or kana). The <dialog> element now supports the ::backdrop pseudo-element, support for border-image-repeat: round was added and filters will now be applied whilst honoring the effective zoom level. Finally, “compositionstart” events now include the text which is being replaced.

Dominic has been working on Blink’s custom element implementation, which now triggers events when an element enters or leaves a document, or encounters an attribute change. Blink now uses v8’s ArrayBuffer implementation instead of its own, and saw implementations of Promise.prototype.{catch, then}. The AudioBufferSourceNode and OscillatorNodes from the Web Audio API now support the “onended” event.

Other changes which were made last week:

Interesting topics on blink-dev include an Intent to Implement for unregisterProtocolHandler() and isProtocolHandlerRegistered(), an Intent to Ship for the “mouseenter” and “mouseleave” events, an announcement for Opera 15 and a lengthy discussion on supporting animated WebP images. Thanks for reading!

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July 9, 2013 at 7:09 am

Peter glad to hear from your again and thanks for the update!


July 10, 2013 at 12:48 pm

Thanks for the update Peter, it’s been a while indeed!

Random question: Does the blacklisting of the RealPlayer DLL mean there will be no more pop up UI to download videos displayed by flash? I thought that was a great feature.

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