Fractional spacings, MouseEnter and MouseLeave and Promises

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Last week, a total of 1,861 changes landed in the Chromium, Blink, Skia and v8 repositories, made by 435 different authors. This update talks about commits up until Chromium r211631.

Fractional CSS letter-spacing and word-spacing values are now allowed, also enabling much smoother transitions for these properties. Chromium Mobile will no longer fire requests for apple-touch-icon(-precomposed).png if there is no corresponding <link> element present. When Content Security Policy blocks a call to eval(), an error report will now be generated, and such reports will now be served with application/csp-report as the content type.

Blink now supports the “mouseenter” and “mouseleave” events for capturing whether a mouse is on an element. Raphael updated Blink’s implementation of the “capture” attribute, which has been changed to be a boolean attribute. Work on HTML imports is continuing as well, which is a feature part of Web Components. Android’s Media Source Extensions implementation is booking good progress as well, now passing all the layout tests.

The Promise implementation in Blink is seeing good progress with six new methods having been implemented and the feature now being available behind the Experimental Web Platform Features flag. The set() method of a typed array won’t throw on invalid arguments anymore whereas DataView accessors with no arguments will start throwing exceptions. Three iterator methods were added to the Array prototype: Array.prototype.{values, keys, entries}.

Other changes which occurred last week:

  • Mike renamed “Experimental WebKit Features” to “Experimental Web Platform Features”.
  • The “devicemotion” event can now be enabled in about:flags on Chrome for Android.
  • An entry in about:flags is now available to debug pages in Chrome for Android without needing adb!
  • A new double-tab-drag-zone gesture has been introduced to Chrome on Android.
  • While there was a performance regression, work in enabling a Direct3D 11 backend is underway.
  • Chrome’s virtual keyboard implementation now supports Dvorak as a new layout.
  • A generic UndoManager was implemented which will power undo and redo for bookmark editing.
  • Skia is implementing a PDF parser. Sounds fancy!

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