Week and month date pickers, cSP and no more “desktop-width” viewport directive

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1,652 changes landed to the projects last week, 889 to Chromium’s repository and 763 to WebKit’s. The v8 project received 77 commits, quite a few of which were related to implementing the new Object.observe() feature.

Web Inspector’s console messages now accept multiple formatting blocks by using %c multiple times. The new console.clear() method will, surprisingly, clear the console. An option has been added for disabling rulers, pressing Ctrl+A in the Network Panel now selects the resources rather than the entire panel and warning messages have been added for invalid cross-frame options and usage of the dpi and dpcm units outside of printed media stylesheets.

Within v8, Adam, Rafael and Andreas are working on implementing Object.observe(), various commits for which were made. While the implementation isn’t complete yet, it can be enabled by passing the --harmony-observation to v8. ECMAScript 6’s Map and Set collections now include the size and clear properties and JSON.stringify() is now better at handling proxies.

Canvas images reprojected using the -webkit-canvas() CSS function will now use the full backing store rather than the scaled ones, which improves quality on many mobile devices. Support for the “desktop-width” directive in the meta viewport element has been removed. Also newly supported are date pickers for <input type=month> and <input type=week>, and Skia is now able to use reference URL filters on composited layers.

It’s now possible to show a list of tracks available for media elements, an UI for which will be implemented soon. A touchEvent’s client{X,Y} attributes will have the right scrolling adjustments applied, proper escaping of quotes will now be applied in various HTML extension methods (String.prototype.anchor, link, etc) for JavaScriptCore and getUserMedia() will now throw a TypeError instead of a DOMException.

The Content Security Policy DOM implementation has been updated to match the specification. The interface is now called document.securityPolicy and various methods are now exposed as read-only properties.

Other changes which occurred last week:

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Thanks for writing these overviews, Peter, they’re extremely handy.

Is Chrome for Android ever going to catch up with regular Chrome? It’s currently 5 versions behind!?!