Better DOM Exception Names, Animatable Shapes and Recent Tabs

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Last week yielded 932 WebKit commits and 1,111 Chromium commits, totaling up to 2,043 changes.

Within Web Inspector, several overrides have been moved out of the Settings panel. The Apple port now features a dock button in the top-right corner of the Web Inspector window. A checkbox has been added for toggling a visible FPS counter on the page, and a warning will now be shown in the console when invalid sandbox flags are encountered.

The feature flags for CSS Hierarchies have been removed again. Tab made parsing of the @charset rule stricter, the algorithm used for positioning <track> subtitles has been updated to better support multiple lines and the wrap-margin/padding properties have been renamed to shape-margin/padding. Various basic shapes, such as polygons, circles, rectangles and ellipses are now animatable with themselves, which can be used on both the clip-path and CSS Exclusions’ shape-inside properties.

Parsing for the text-align-last CSS property has landed. WebKit has also been updated to return the right value for <legend>.form, which should be in sync with an optional ancestor fieldset element. For Chromium, autocomplete=off will now be ignored when filling in an automatically created password. Finally, seven pseudo classes were updated to properly distribute in shadow trees.

Erik Arvidsson landed 17 out of a series of 25 patches renaming all the DOM Exception names. Examples include SYNTAX_ERR to SyntaxError, NOT_FOUND_ERR to NotFoundError and NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR to NotSupportedError.

Other changes which occurred last week:


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