Filtering Network Requests, Blend Mode and two more CSP Directives

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Last week, 764 Chromium commits and 615 WebKit commits landed, totaling up to 1,379 changes.

Especially for Web Applications, finding certain files in the Network tab can be difficult, as there can be hundreds. Web Inspector now gained support for filtering the display based on search results! The BlackBerry 10 user-agent can now be selected in the Settings dialog, and work is being done to improve performance by loading panels lazily.

Parsing support for CSS’ blend-mode property, defined in the CSS Compositing and Blending specification, has landed. The volume sliders for fullscreen and normal media elements will now stay in sync, the first call to webkitRequestAnimationFrame won’t return 0 anymore and z-indexes now work on flexible items without explicitly positioning them.

SVG Filters can now be drawn in the correct colorspace for WebKit ports which don’t use CoreGraphics. Mike implemented the plugin-types and form-action Content Security Policy directives, together with their respective DOM APIs, and support for author Shadow DOM is now available for the <meter> element. Finally, many more languages now have their localized quotes available for the <q> element.

Other changes which occurred last week:

  • The third-party storage blocking system now also covers WebSQL databases.
  • A compile time flag was added for the new CSS 3 text decoration properties.
  • Chromium received a new audio render method supporting synchronized input and output.
  • Sticky CSS positioning has been enabled on Apple’s Windows port.
  • DNS Prefetching has been enabled for the BlackBerry WebKit port.
  • Gyuyoung Kim is the latest member of the WebKit Reviewer team, congratulations!
  • Within Chrome OS, the offset for a secondary monitor can now be set.

Various new features are still under development in WebKit, and may be near the horizon: @supports and parts of Generated Content for Paged Media (GCPM).

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September 7, 2012 at 5:05 am

I am surprised that there is no author shadow dom for select elements.