Chromium 23, CodeMirror Editing and a flag for CSS Exclusions

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Last week, 831 commits were added to the Chromium project and 665 to WebKit, totaling up to 1,496 changes.

Jim Carrey is going to be very pleased with this change made by Anthony last week, namely kicking Chromium to Number 23. You can read about many changes made for Chrome 22 in this series of articles.

Web Inspector’s editor can now be replaced with CodeMirror by Jan Keromnes, as an experimental feature. It supports basic editing, search, replace and saving, but much more work is to be done before it’s completely usable. The function scope is now visible in the UI, and support for two CSS Region events has been added to the protocol.

A new “all” value for the -webkit-user-select property can now be parsed and initial support for text-decoration-line landed. Four more bugs in the Flexible Box Module implementation were fixed, namely the lack of support for inline flexingpercentage sizing in quirks mode, percent-based margins and behavior when using box-sizing.

ArrayBufferView objects can now be send through Web Sockets, the indexed getter for Microdata will now return undefined instead of empty strings, classList can now remove classes with uppercase characters and window.URL has been unprefixed. The <progress> element now supports author Shadow DOM. Content Security Policy now is nosier about errors and more work was done on CSS Region’s CSSOM implementation.

In terms of new features, a compile-time flag for CSS Hierarchies has been added, and work is being done on implementing Proximity Events in WebKit.

Other changes which occurred last week:

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August 16, 2012 at 10:12 am


Is there a way that you put some screenshots when things are added or changed in the UI (particularly for the Web Inspector) ? When you write that “The function scope is now visible in the UI”, I would really like to see in a glance how it looks in the UI without analyzing what has changed in Canary. Thanks anyway for the update !