HTML5 Dialog Element and getUserMedia() for Chrome Frame

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Last week brought 1,433 commits to the repositories, 611 for WebKit and 822 for Chromium, made by 357 different authors. Highlights include work on the <dialog> element and removal of the hixie-76 protocol.

Within Web Inspector, the looks of the find bar have been updated, and several other parts of the UI are also receiving refreshments. Furthermore, the tab size now defaults to four spaces.

The CSS 3 blur filter will now work correctly when it’s applied to the parent of a fixed position element, and support for min-height and min-width in the CSS Flexible Box Module has been implemented, including the implied minimum size of flex items. The state of state-less form controls, such as password fields, won’t be stored anymore. Date and time input types are now supported by the BlackBerry port as well.

Backwards iteration over HTML Collections no longer has O(n2) performance, making it significantly faster. For CSS Regions, the firstEmptyRegionIndex attribute has been implemented¬†for Named Flows and the getRegionsByContentNode method had “Node” dropped from its name.

A compile time flag has landed, marking the beginnings of an implementation of the HTML5 <dialog> element. Meanwhile, support for the old hixie-76 Web Socket protocol has been removed.

Other changes which occurred last week:

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July 18, 2012 at 2:36 am

Hey Pete, do you know what’s happening with CSS Variables? The implementation landed in Webkit over a month ago, but it still hasn’t shown up behind a flag in Chrome. Given the rush to get this implemented, and the desire for feedback on the draft spect, I’d have thought this would have been turned on sooner.

Peter Beverloo

July 18, 2012 at 1:09 pm

Hi Jon,

The version currently implemented in WebKit is based on an older draft of the CSS Variables specification. The latest version supports the dollar prefix for variable accessing, next to the var() and parent-var() functions.

The WebKit bug covering the Variables implementation is the following:

It’s been closed as FIXED, but that seems to be a bit premature indeed. Interest is high, so while I suspect that it’ll be updated in time, it’s also one of these features which a browser shouldn’t expose without having a fair level of certainty about correctness. Web Developer adoption will probably be quite high..