Find & Replace, a Slider’s Tick Marks and Image Orientation

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Last week, WebKit received 621 commits whereas Chromium received 810, totaling up to 1,431. They were made by 373 different authors, and include a change adding search and replace to Web Inspector.

Find and replace functionality for source files has been added to Web Inspector, after less than a day of being experimental. Furthermore, an icon has been added for pausing JavaScript debugging.

The top property on the window object no longer is replaceable. It’s now possible to apply Shadow DOM to image elements, invalid script-nonce directives for Content Security Policy will cause WebKit to block script execution and  the calculation for serializing CSS rgba() functions has been corrected.

Sliders can now have tick marks painted if they have an associated datalist, and behavior of negative values for text-indent has been aligned with CSS 2.1. As for experimental work, a compile time flag and parsing support for the image-orientation CSS property have landed. Initial support for positioning grid items by their row and column index is now available as well, and displaying dialogs will now take the open attribute into account.

Other changes which occurred last week:

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Hi Peter,

Do you have any idea what this “The Font Settings Extension API” is supposed to do. I have tried reading about it but I cannot grasp what it does. Any info would be appreciated.


Peter Beverloo

July 31, 2012 at 5:39 pm

Hi Brad. Documentation is available on this page:

In short, it provides an API-based replacement for the font settings as are available in Chrome’s settings (chrome://settings -> advanced settings -> web contents -> font settings). A font’s script related to the kind of language, in this case.