Unregistering protocol handlers and improved input accuracy

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Last week, Chromium counted 1,018 changes while WebKit received 587.

Web Inspector’s pretty print feature now respects the indenting preferences. Only the root domain will be expanded in the Sources and Scripts Panels and links will be opened by default in the Sources panel, falling back to either the Resources or Network panels.

Nico landed yet another piece in improving Chrome’s experience on Mac High DPI modes, this time initial support for High DPI in web content display. The Chrome Blog has a nice image showing the impact his work has.

Zero is now a recognized number again for numeric input fields. Rendering nested flexible box objects has been fixed, the “order” property now accepts a number rather than an integer and more CSS 2.1 issues have been fixed.

Besides registering protocol handlers, they can now be checked for existence and unregistered as well. The imageSmoothingEnabled setting for 2D Canvas contexts will now apply to patterns as well, client rectangles for frames in scaled pages will return the right values and the Pointer Lock implementation gained support for the change and error events. Finally, a build flag for the Undo Manager has landed.

The Blob constructor now accepts ArrayBufferView instead of a normal ArrayBuffer for its constructor’s parameter. Elements with an empty string as it’s “itemprop” value won’t be listed in Microdata’s properties list anymore and several SVG features now report to be supported through DOMImplementation.

After some more intermediary steps, Yoshifumi Inoue introduced the new Decimal type for an input’s value properties, fixing rounding errors in number and range input fields.

Other changes which occurred last week:

  • Duplicated Content Security Policy directives will now display errors in the console.
  • The “target-DensityDPI” viewport meta value will no longer be recognized by WebKit.
  • Wins of 3% on Kraken and 3% on v8 for the JavaScriptCore engine.
  • Render Nodes lost 8 bytes of weight, saving up to 2.6 megabytes when viewing the HTML5 specification.
  • GPU accelerated canvas can now be disabled through about:flags.
  • Support for DTLS-SRTP (RFC 5764) has been implemented in Chrome’s NSS.

I’m not sure about the schedule of updates in the next few weeks, as I’ll be traveling through the United States. I’ll try to keep up!

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June 18, 2012 at 12:31 pm

Where are the pictures? 😉

Peter Beverloo

June 18, 2012 at 6:05 pm

Lack of time ate them :(. I’ll try to start adding them again starting mid July :).