UI for date-input fields, Iframe’s srcdoc attribute and Flexbox updates

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Last week brought 995 commits to the Chromium repository and 732 to WebKit’s. Highlights include work on the user interface for date-input fields and the “srcdoc” attribute for iframes.

The animatedPathSegList property for SVG path elements has been implemented, completing support for the animVal properties. Minor type updates were done aligning WebKit’s typed array implementation with the specification, the Web Audio API’s Oscillator and WaveTable interfaces have been implemented and plumbing for the new JavaScript Speech API continues.

Support for the CSS flex() function has been removed in favor of the flex property, which Tony Chang implemented and made animatable. Empty @media and @charset declarations are now being ignored, image-set updates dynamically when the device scale factor changes and syntax was updated for two CSS Exclusion functions.

Now that a user interface for color input types is available, next in line is an interface for the date and time input types. Kent Tamura has been working on implementing this, an early example of which can be seen here. Meanwhile, work has started on cleaning up and implementing support for <datalist>. The <iframe srcdoc> attribute is now also supported, allowing untrusted HTML code to leverage an iframe’s sandbox constraints.

Other changes which occurred last week:

As always, thanks for reading. Next week’s update may be a bit brief as I’ll be in the Mountain View area, also attending the WebKit Contributors Meeting!

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