Mutation Observers, Reversed Animations and Faster JPEGs

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With 995 commits to Chromium’s repository and 754 to WebKit’s, last week brought in another 1,749 changes to the projects. Highlights include Mutation Observers being enabled for all WebKit ports and reversed CSS Animations.

Web Inspector’s Heap Profiler overview screen got some UI improvements and will now show percentages by default next to absolute usage numbers. Hovering over elements with :hover styles defined won’t lock up anymore, the debug side-bar in the Script Panel can now be hidden and DOM edits can now be undone. Brian Grinstead contributed a color picker, bridging the gap until actual <input type=color> gains support. Touch events are now supported by Web Inspector, and can be enabled through the Settings panel.

Mutation Observers have been enabled by default on all WebKit ports. The click() method is now implemented on HTMLElement, making it available for all elements in the DOM. URLs specified in <a ping> won’t be lowercased anymore, the state attribute has been added to the History’s DOM interface and the MediaStream API now supports the onstatechange event for PeerConnection. Finally, the Shadow DOM’s <shadow> element has been added.

Reverse directions for CSS Animations are now available. The calc() function can now, in limited fashion, be used with the hsl() and rgb() functions, and no longer supports the mod operator. Flexboxes can now center and refactorings are being done in preparation of multi-line support. unicode-bidi: plaintext is now supported for inline elements and line-grid-snap has been renamed line-snap.

With 41 commits in total, Haraken did another round of IDL cleanups.

Other changes which occurred last week:

And that’ll be today’s update live from Mountain View :).

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Markus Rothchild

February 14, 2012 at 10:57 am

Google and the Chrome Dev team, specially the Devs behind Safe Browsing systems should source some data from this project which is hosted on Google Apps Engine.