Chromium 19, Scoped Stylesheets and IDL Refactoring

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1,368 changes found their way to the repositories last week, 802 for Chromium and 566 for WebKit. Highlights include Chromium 19, an Extension Activity Log page and no more high-latency audio code path.

The branch for Google Chrome 18 has been created, giving Anthony a cause to remind us about Potassium while kicking Chromium’s version 19. Approximately 6,500 Chromium, 4,400 WebKit commits and 300 v8 commits participated in this release, giving a combined total of over 11 thousand changes. Chrome 18 brings six new stable extension APIs, a CSS Selector Profiler, Mutation Observers and many, many more changes.

Work has been started on an Extension Activity Log page which will share information about API calls a certain extension makes, allowing you to keep an eye out on their behavior.

Web Inspector’s Heap Inspector is now able to show a percentage-based representation of memory usage for objects as well. The protocol version has been increased to 1.0, getting an XPath query for an item in the DOM will soon be supported and an experiment for editing styles after a single click has been started. Finally, it’s now also possible to select BlackBerry’s UA strings in the Inspector’s switcher. Work on supporting touch event emulation is progressing.

Support for fixed and percentage-based minimum widths on table elements with table-layout: auto has been implemented, and styling background colors in regions has been re-enabled as well. The preload scanner will now take the base element into account and the disabled attribute on SVG style elements is now supported.

Albeit disabled by default through a compile-time flag, basic functionality of scoped stylesheets has started working per Ronald’s commit. Limitations for selector matching in the <content> element’s select attribute are now being verified, backgrounds inside SVG’s foreignObject element will now be drawn, the Content-Language value (meta-only for now) will influence the document’s locale and fonts and SVG’s getIntersectionList method won’t cause visual distortion anymore.

Through 19 different commitsKentaro Hara has been doing a great job cleaning up IDL files throughout WebKit .

Other changes which occurred last week:

And that’s all again!

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February 6, 2012 at 11:28 pm

whoop! love these updates man. Excited to play around with scoped styles


February 6, 2012 at 11:32 pm

Hyperlinking a fullstop/period is maybe going too far 😉