Font CSS Properties, Selector Source Location and calc() Tests

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Exactly 1,500 changes landed last week, 890 for Chromium and 610 for WebKit, bringing changes such as some usability updates in the CSS Profiler and new font-related CSS properties.

The experimental Sidebar Extension API has been removed from Chromium. The Downloads Extension API gained an getFileIcon method and now also works for POST-download requests, and Panels may now be resized and spawned without drawing attention using the API. chrome.experimental.dns made its entry.

Early steps in supporting IndexedDB in Web Inspector have been made and a “source” column has been added to the CSS Profiler, directly pointing out the offending CSS rule.
As part of an ongoing effort in WebKit, several failing tests on the IE Testcenter have been fixed. Among these are executing prepared scripts even when they’ve been removed from the DOM and sandboxed i-frames will now block the autofocus attribute if the sandbox flags request it.

WebKit now also supports getting the computed style for border-radius properties. Four compliance improvements have been made to JavaScriptCore, namely that defineOwnProperty is now available for arrays, changes around the length property for arrays, defineProperty and handling of colons in timezones. Finally, the navigator.startActivity method for Web Intents has been implemented, albeit behind a compile-time guard.

Following a specification change, the flex-align CSS property has been renamed to flex-item-align and a new version of flex-align has been implemented, and the implementation has been taught about handling absolutely positioned elements within flexboxes. Color matrix-based filters will now be done by Skia for Chromium, and the serpia tone filter has been aligned color-wise for Mac OS X. Text decorations won’t propagate to all descendants anymore and several more element types can now render outlines.

Two new CSS properties were implemented. The font-kerning property from the CSS Fonts specification will allow you to define kerning behavior, and the initial implementation of the font-variant-ligatures property will allow you to explicitly enable or disable OpenType’s common ligatures feature on a font.

Other changes which occurred last week:

Some interesting things currently going on include a Baidu contribution and basic grid alignment from the CSS Line Grid specification.

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Jon Rimmer

January 16, 2012 at 10:55 pm

Um, rather surprised to see that baseline grid alignment bug, given that according to the spec “This specification is not being actively maintained, and should not be used as a guide for implementations. It may be revived in the future, but for now should be considered obsolete.”

Thanks for Sharing a helpful information.