Reversed Lists, Animatable Filters, CSS Shaders and secure SSL

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Another 1,492 commits have been added to the projects; 826 to Chromium and an evil 666 to WebKit. Highlights include support for <ol reversed>, lots of changes for CSS Filters and rendering CSS Shaders.

Going forth in improving security in the browser, Chromium will now display a fatal error when it encounters pages using SSL certificates signed with the MD2 and MD4 hashing algorithms, and will display an interstitial warning page for certificates signed with MD5. Certificates with RSA and DSA keys of less than 1024 keys will also be rejected.

Within Web Inspector, a sidebar has been added to the Script Panel displaying the included scripts on by their host. A large amount of internal properties of objects using the Detailed Heap Snapshot tool have been hidden and hex-colors with just three characters will now be highlighted.

As for specification related updates, Adam Barth made sure that six recent changes to the HTML5 parsing algorithm reflect in WebKit’s implementation. Clickable controls such as form fields may now be used as a <detail> element summary and cancelRequestAnimationFrame has been renamed to cancelAnimationFrame. Numbered lists can now be reversed using the reverse-attribute and XMLHttpRequest.responseXML now supports HTML documents.

A large amount of work has been done on the CSS Filter implementation. Filters are now animatable, they will affect visual overflow and several filters will now accept percentages as values. Finally, the implementation has been aligned with the specification and they can now be hardware accelerated, with an implementation for Apple’s Safari. Filters are now enabled for Chromium, and despite the security concerns, rendering CSS Shaders is now possible in WebKit builds which have the feature enabled!

Other changes which occurred last week:

Since next Monday happens to be Boxing Day, I’ll publish a (probably brief) update the day after, Tuesday the 27th. Thank you for reading and have a Merry Christmas!

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