Animatable Background Images, Mutation Observers and !important

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With 912 commits at Chromium and 590 at WebKit, totaling up at 1,502 changes, a fair amount of changes have happened again. Highlights include Mutation Observers for Chromium and animatable background images.

Chromium has reached a version number which equals a pentagonal pyramidal number: 18. In total, 7,107 Chromium commits, 4,198 WebKit commits and 526 v8 commits are included, totaling up to 11,831 changes for the Google Chrome 17 release, besides changes in other related projects such as Skia and NaCL.

Mutation Observers have been enabled for Chromium, which provide a much better alternative to DOM Mutation Events. Though still disabled by default, Chromium has been taught how to handle meta viewport elements, the scoped attribute for scoped stylesheets landed, table cells now understand widths in percentages and security around loading out-of-band text tracks has been improved by utilizing CORS.

WebKit now supports animations between background, border and list images utilizing the cross-fade() function which landed a few weeks ago. Parsing for multiple grid rows and columns has been added, as has parsing for the wrap and wrap-reverse values for the flex-flow property.

As a first step in being able to CSS Regions, background colors will now be applied. The behavior of !important in inline style sets has been aligned with the specification, automatic color adjustments for disabled input elements has been removed for Chromium and various more CSS 2.1 test failures have been fixed.

Other changes which occurred last week:

And that’ll be all for last week again. Things to keep an eye out for this week include custom written CSS Lexer and work by Simon Fraser to make the CSS Filter property animatable!

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