CSS Hue Rotation, r100,000, Changing the UA and Suggestions

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With another 1,616 commits down the pipeline, 904 at Chromium’s and 712 as WebKit’s, another very busy week has passed. The highlights include a first working CSS Filter, the hundred-thousandth commit for WebKit and the ability to change your user agent in Web Inspector.

A large number of changes by Nico Weber removed a significant amount of static initializers and exit-time destructors, which will improve Chromium’s overall performance during start-up and shut-down.

Web Inspector now shows the media queries which are associated with certain CSS Rules. The user agent with which a page gets loaded may now be changed, selected text in a Script panel received an extra context menu option to evaluate it directly in the console and a suggestion box will now be shown for both CSS as JavaScript properties. Finally, the indentation of pretty-printed JavaScript can now be configured.

Dean Jackson added code to WebKit’s CSS Parser, making it understand the syntax for drop shadows. Meanwhile, the first part of parsing the custom() filter definition, used for CSS Filters, landed as well. Support for parsing the line-grid-snap property has been added as well, which will allow snapping of text towards the nearest enclosing grid.

The sandbox attribute for iframes won’t accept vertical tabs as separators anymore, the IndexedDB implementation gained support for compound keys and the textTracks attribute for media elements has been added, supposing your port of choice enables subtitles. The importNode will now do a deep copy by default, zooming of SVG images in <object> elements has stabilized and IDL files have landed describing the Mouse Lock API.

For WebKit ports who have CSS Filters enabled, the hue-rotate() filter started working per Dean’s plumbing of filter effects through the rendering code. Small as it is, it’s enough to be excited about :).

Other changes which occurred last week:

And that’ll be all again!

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Gamepad API! Yes!

Congrats on all the commits. 100,000! Who would have guessed it would have come so far so quickly.

Andrew: it’s still very much in flux, but Scott and I are going to work on the spec together as we work on our respective implementations fo Chromium and Gecko.

Peter Kasting

November 15, 2011 at 7:55 am

Nit: I think you meant to say “Chromium users who enable third-party cookie blocking will now get strict blocking by default”, as the text above sounds as if everyone is going to get third-party cookie blocking turned on.

Peter Beverloo

November 15, 2011 at 12:16 pm

Peter: And once again, thank you! I’ve amended the post.