OpenBSD, HTML5 Microdata and Cross-Fading Images

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Another 1,511 changes further on, 885 made at Chromium’s repository and 626 at WebKit’s. Last week’s highlights include upstreaming of OpenBSD support into Chromium, lots of progress on implementing support for HTML5 Microdata and first steps towards supporting the CSS cross-fade() function for images.

At Chromium, a series of patches has been contributed by Robert Nagy which strongly improve support for the OpenBSD operating system. Previously it was maintained as a port on OpenBSD Ports.

Within Web Inspector, it’s now possible to select the indentation which will be used in the text editors. The four options available are two, four or eight spaces, or a tab. Advanced search is now available for content scripts and inline background-image CSS properties won’t show a warning anymore in the console.

Arko Saha’s work on implementing the HTML5 Microdata properties and DOM API is progressing nicely, as the itemprop, itemref and itemvalue properties landed last week. The itemtype attribute has been enhanced to accept a space-separated list of values, and code for the itemid attribute is just about to land as well.

As for specification related improvements, drawing images on a canvas by using certain composition modes has been fixed. Input step-values may now start with dots, IndexedDB has been taught the deleteDatabase method and two patches landed implementing parts of the Mutation Observers specification.

Support for argument-less functions has been added, in preparation of the greyscale CSS filter and column progression is now independent of writing mode. Automatic sizing of flexbox has been fixed, setting visibility: hidden on video elements on Safari now works properly and three more CSS 2.1 test-failures have been fixed, which includes proper support for intrinsic background sizes.

Parsing of two new CSS features has landed, namely for line-grid and for the cross-fade() function. The former is a shorthand for line-grid-mode and line-grid-progression defined in the CSS Text Module, whereas the latter allows cross fading images and is defined in CSS Image Values Level 4.

Other changes which occurred last week:

In other news, Andy Wingo published an excellent article about the new DFG JIT Apple is implementing in JavaScriptCore. Picks for the this week are notifications for the GTK port and four new media pseudo-classes.

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