Multiple profiles, disabling the cache and finding the audible tab

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Another 490 commits landed in WebKit’s repository last week, together with a massive 938 commits to Chromium’s, totaling up to 1,428 changesets. This week’s highlights include the ability to completely disable cache in Web Inspector, per-user proxies and quite some changes to Chromium.

Whereas using proxies on Chromium OS used to be system-wide, thus shared among all users and networks, Kuan Tan has added support for more flexible per-user and per-network proxies. Especially for those using corporate networks, as well as personal ones, this is a very welcome enhancement.

Another notable addition is that active audio streams will now be displayed on the chrome://media-internals/ page. So if you’re one of these people with hundreds of tabs open when one of them starts making noise, now you know where to find which tab to close.

Web Inspector won’t pause anymore for caught exceptions in the console, can now import and export data in the Timeline Panel (also with some keyboard short-cuts), support for disabling cache altogether was implemented and a sidebar’s width can now be restored correctly.

As for specification related updates, using the “none” value when using multiple backgrounds will no longer break other images. Calculating the height of replaced elements has been fixed according to CSS 2.1 content height rules, support for HyBi WebSocket Frames has been added and the microphone icon for right-to-left input elements will now be positioned correctly, just like numeric input types have also been fixed for rtl.

v8’s implementation of serializing script values has been brought up to speed with the specification, a Ping-From header will now be included for cross-origin, non-secured connections when clicking <a ping> anchors, three new SVG elements won’t collapse anymore when paginating content.

Other changes which occurred last week:

And that’ll be all for this week again. Things to watch out for this week will be work on CSS Flexbox and Regions, as well as more media related commits.

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About active audio stream, does it include Flash audio?


July 26, 2011 at 9:21 pm

Out of curiosity, what exactly is DFG JIT, what is it trying to achieve, how does it fit in the general JIT landscape and is there any public material available? Thanks.


July 27, 2011 at 3:12 pm

The new profile icons are good – but I don’t think it’s a good idea to have stealth looking ones – people could easily imagine they’re in private browsing mode.

Peter Beverloo

July 28, 2011 at 11:50 am

Anthony: I’m not sure, technically seen Flash is a plugin, which often arrange their own audio playback mechanisms. Since it’s integrated with Google Chrome, however, I recon it *could* be included.

Erunno: It’s Apple’s new Data Flow Graph (DFG) compiler, from what I understand it’s a JIT with prediction for types and code paths, which already is faster than the current one on x86-64. I haven’t seen any publications yet besides the patches.

Mark: Good point! I think they may have changed the location of the icon already. The feature is targeted for Chrome 15, so much more testing and experimenting will be done. Thanks!

Anthony Ricaud: chrome://media-internals/ does display flash audio activity. just “tested”. 😉

FRAK! DOES NOT display Flash audio streams. Where did that negation run off to? X|