CSS Quotes, mock-ups of the HTML5 date-picker and the P2P API

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With 617 commits at the WebKit side and 808 for Chromium, last week was another busy week. Highlights are that WebKit finally implements CSS 2.1 quotes and lots of work on several upcoming features, such as MHTML.

One feature a lot of people are looking out for is the inclusion of a date-picker in WebKit. Tamura Kent started implementing a calendar for several date-related input types exactly a month ago, which has now evolved in a graphical and usable date picker.

While the implementation is by no means complete, it’s a good thing that work is being done to finish support for Web Forms. Keep an eye out on bug 53961 to stay up-to-date.

Chromium users may have seen a new option appear on their about:flags page: “P2P API”. While not a lot is known about the team’s plans, it’s safe to assume that implementation of the HTML5 peer-to-peer connection API has been started, together with an interface for Pepper. So far, an implementation for Mac and Linux was added, a dispatcher for the renderer and initial work on the internal implementation.

The Web Inspector team improved performance of DOM search as it was extremely slow for GMail. The summary bar in the network panel’s item view won’t overlap the contents anymore. Furthermore, the fourth part of Detailed Heap Snapshots landed in WebKit as well, which implements displaying of different snapshot projections. While they’re not available yet, there are some screenshots available.

As for standard-related updates, Dave Hyatt made sure that positioned elements work with vertical text. Ruby text will now be expanded when it’s shorter than its base and the document.open implementation has been updated per the HTML5 specification.

Carol Szabo implemented full support for quotes in WebKit, following the CSS 2.1 specification. The -webkit-hyphenate-limit-{before,after} CSS properties have been added. Safari’s JavaScriptCore JavaScript Engine now implements the seal/freeze/preventExtensions methods for normal object types, except for arrays.

Other changes which occured last week include:

  • The -webkit-hyphenate-locale CSS property has been renamed to -webkit-locale.
  • Layout performance for pages with a lot of floating objects has been improved majorly.
  • Numeric input fields which have an initial value may be cleared again, and accept localized values.
  • Through an ICU update, Chrome now respects the new sorting rules for the French language.
  • WebKit’s GTK port now supports multiple threads for JavaScriptCore due to this change.
  • Handling of the currentColor color for SVG now follows the specification.
  • Support for handling quoted-printable strings has been added, in preparation of MHTML support.
  • CSS Outlines will now be drawn for table and table-cell elements.
  • The WebKit2 API now supports printing pages on Windows.
  • A redundant “Windows; ” has been dropped from the default User Agent string on Windows.
  • The fast-path for rgba() parsing now properly clamps out-of-range alpha values.
  • Another site for the hardcoded HSTS list; shouldn’t we try to avoid doing this?
  • Support for the WebKit Full-Screen API has been added to Chromium, hidden behind a flag.
  • The speech bubble volume indicator has been improved with an indicator for background noise.
  • Another flag has been added to trigger the multi-profile feature, no functionality yet either.
  • The grab and grabbing CSS cursors have been implemented for Mac/GTK.
  • Chromium’s GPU Process on Windows will now be sandboxed!
  • Speech input fields (<input x-webkit-speech>) have been enabled by default.
  • Multisampling will be disabled for all ATI/AMD GPU’s when using Mac OS X, due to buggy drivers.
  • The filesystem: URL scheme has been enabled by default.

And that’s it again. If you want to dig around in the updates from two weeks ago, check out all WebKit and Chromium commits. Upcoming work to keep an eye out for are the visibility API and an implementation of the text-orientation CSS property. Finally: Thanks, guys! 🙂

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March 8, 2011 at 11:55 am

I believe the libjpeg-turbo integration was committed last week too?

Peter Beverloo

March 8, 2011 at 12:16 pm

libjpeg-turbo was enabled by default on the 8th of February, then reverted six days later. On the 27th of February it was enabled again, via this revision.