Chrome’s new keyboard, the CSS4 matches()-selector and line-box-contain

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With 1,116 commits, 522 for WebKit and 594 for Chromium, there have been quite a lot of changes again. More progress has been made for Chromium OS’ touch support, a new CSS selector has been implemented, as well as the line-box-contain CSS property.

Chromium gained a keyboard, support for locking and unlocking your sim-card and support for touch-capable devices has been added. The new tab page has been updated and large throbbers have been added for touch UIs as well, albeit not the final version.

Dave Hyatt proposed and implemented a new CSS property for WebKit: line-box-contain. The property addresses cases in which text on the first line will be shown in a larger size than the rest of the line, causing the line-height to change. The prefixed version is already available in WebKit and Chromium nightlies!

As for other specification-related changes, more work has been done to improve percentage rounding. XMLHttpRequest will now properly set the referrer when Web Workers are being used and some more CSS 2.1 counter-related tests will now pass. The onchange-event will not fire anymore when a text field’s contents have not changed.

Mozilla’s any-selector proposal has been implemented for WebKit as -webkit-any(). Following brief discussion, both :any as :not will now accept any selector instead of just simple ones. The Editor’s Draft of CSS Selectors Level 4 has been updated to include “:matches“, idential to :any, just with another name.

Other changes which occurred last week:

  • A nice favicon has been added for the print preview page.
  • An initial implementation of 802.1x, Extensible Authentication Protocol, landed for Chromium OS.
  • A high-quality band-limited audio resampling algorithm has landed for the Web Audio API.
  • The first two patches for WebKit’s Media Stream API implementation landed!
  • The first bits for CSS calc() support in WebKit also landed.
  • Windows users will be redirected to a better Java download-page.
  • No more cognito-mode in the Proxy Configuration example extension.
  • Performance of processing floated objects has been improved a lot.
  • An implementation for asynchronous communication between a Pepper Plugin and JavaScript landed.
  • HTTP throttling may now be disabled via a new tab on the about:net-internals page.
  • A raw video pipeline has been added for the <video> element, with a specialized protocol: media://.
  • A simplified normal flow layout path optimization for overflow recomputation and for positioned objects inside relatively positioned containers has been added.
  • WebGL will now always be exposed to the DOM, even if it has been disabled.
  • Google Gears has now been removed from WebKit as well, of course in favor of HTML5.
  • Web Inspector will now show the correct transfer size for compressed resources.
  • Chrome’s license caught up with the new year.

And that’ll be all again 🙂

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