Chrome 11, a renewed XSS Filter and vertical text for multiple-column layouts

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A combined total of almost 1300 changes have made it a busy week for the Chromium and WebKit projects, with highlights such as work on two Chromium Extension APIs, a new XSS Filter and lots of work on shadows.

The Chromium team increased Chrome’s major version to 11. Google Chrome 10 will be using branch 648, which represents all WebKit commits up to r76408. Do keep in mind that important fixes will be merged with the branch, so these numbers aren’t entirely accurate.

As usual, there have been a number of changes in Web Inspector as well. In-line JavaScript and CSS content in HTML source-code will now be syntax highlighted and the render performance of the network panel has been improved. Exporting entries from the network panel to the HTTP Archive format will now copy the data to your clipboard, instead of downloading it to a random file.

While it’s already known that Web Inspector supports remote debugging, the front-end may now also be served from the cloud. No hints on the cloud itself yet, though. The first part of detailed heap snapshots landed as well, which will eventually enable you to more accurately trace down memory leaks by having access to a snapshot of each individual object in the JavaScript VM.

In terms of security, Adam Barth’s latest project is a new design for WebKit’s XSS filter. Rather than watching scripts as they execute, the tokens emitted by the HTML tokenizer will be analyzed. So far, the filter has been taught about processing the <script>, <object> and <embed>, <applet>, and the <meta> and <base> elements. A message will be added to Web Inspector’s console if anything gets blocked.

There has been lots of specification-related activity as well this week. The perspective property from the CSS 3D Transforms module now accepts lengths rather than a number, range and number inputs will reject event-based changes if they’re declared disabled or readonly and checkValidity will now return the correct result if an invalid event got cancelled.

Dave Hyatt continued his work on supporting vertical text, and landed a change which adds support for vertical text in multiple column layouts. Changing the unicode-bidi property will force a re-layout, as will changing font-sizes when the em-unit is used in a gradient.

Simon Fraser has done quite some work on shadows and introduced the ShadowBlur class, which will be used to unify shadow rendering across platforms. Two follow-up patches added support for inset box shadows, and the -webkit-box-shadow property has switched over to the new system as well, making people happy 🙂

Other changes from last week include:

And that’d be all again!

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February 1, 2011 at 1:54 am

Chrome _10_ will be on branch 648, chrome 11 is the trunk version that will go to dev once chrome 10 graduates from dev to stable.

Peter Beverloo

February 1, 2011 at 8:24 am

Chrome 10/11 was a typo indeed. Mihai, branching took place in WebKit in commit 76532, are you sure the deps file is up-to-date in that respect?

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