Testing the HTML5 Element.classList property

HTML5 introduces support for a new property applying to each Element on your page, "classList". This property adds a convenient interface to the DOM allowing you to modify the element's classes with ease, similar to what jQuery has been doing as no native interface was available.

interface DOMTokenList // used for classList { readonly integer length; getter string item (index); boolean contains (className); void add (className); void remove (className); boolean toggle (className); stringifier string toString (); }

Testing support for the individual properties and methods in your browser:

  • lengthfailed
  • item ()failed
  • contains ()failed
  • add ()failed
  • remove ()failed
  • toggle ()failed
  • toString ()failed

If you're a web developer, and want to use this property without waiting for support among all browsers since Internet Explorer 8, the Mozilla Team has made a JavaScript implementation which you can use in your scripts. You'll still have to a library like jQuery for IE6 and IE7 support though.